A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice

Welcome to the rhythm game A Dance of Fire and Ice. To navigate the mazes, you must hit a button in time with the music. Each press rotates the travel direction of the paired orbs, causing them to turn and traverse gaps. Two planets in free fall are connected by an unseen connection. One sphere revolves around the other, which must be manipulated to overcome challenging barriers. You must remain vigilant at all times and never let your guard down, as the game will provide challenges at every turn. Create futuristic-style tracks utilizing a variety of genres.


  • Numerous musical genres with distinct styles.
  • Hearing will assist you in learning how to compose rhythmic music.
  • The timing of the game is accurate, and you will not notice any slowness or out of rhythm.
  • Save your work and distribute it to your friends.


Use left mouse button.


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