Racing Go

Racing Go

In Racing Go, you can jump in a car and race at breakneck speeds. Turn out some classics and feel the rush for yourself. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and practice making passes in a safe manner. Let's get a load of excitement out of this game right now!

As far as 3D visuals go, Racing Go smashes all precedents. The realistic feel of the game is enhanced by the meticulous attention to detail in both the vehicles and the setting. Take control of a car and navigate your way across a never-ending network of highways while completing hard professional missions. Acquire blueprints, earn coins, and use them to improve your current ride or buy a new one. Make a customized version of the vehicle. You can also try some further racing in Highway Racer 3D and Racing Horizon games if you'd like.



  • W = forward
  • D = Right
  • L = Left
  • S = Conversion
  • Brake = Nitrous
  • ESC = Back


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