Run 3

Run 3

The alien you control in Run 3 is very small, and you have to run endlessly through space. You take control of a little gray alien in this endless runner platformer/action game.

Small aliens have invaded a dangerous space zone and wreaked havoc there. Once you enter a restricted area with more dangerous loopholes, you should immediately leave. You must watch your step lest you fall into one and become disoriented in midair.

While attempting to cross the roads, players must watch out for hazards like falling bricks, pits, traps, and other players. If you hit the wall, you're out of the game. You will need to restart from the previous level. Get going with as much speed and height as you can muster!



  • You can navigate the world by pressing the left and right arrow keys.
  • For a jump, press the up arrow.
  • Pressing the letter R will force a reset.
  • Press the P key to pause the game.


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