Battledudes is a multiplayer shooting game in which players can compete against one another! This 2D video game allows players to engage in combat with guns, tanks, and other lethal weapons. There are numerous game modes available, such as capture the flag, gunplay, and team death match. You can also select from a variety of maps.

You can control your character from above, and you can ride in and shoot military jeeps or tanks with other players. This will enable you to defeat your foes and conquer the world. You have more than twenty weapons in your arsenal for combating enemies. Unlocking these weapons requires playing the game and earning points.

You can learn how to control the firearm and then apply that knowledge to other firearms. Additionally, you can alter this behavior by choosing one or two unlockable perk options. Perks can increase weapon damage, weapon switching speed, weapon reload speed, and a variety of other attributes. Remember that your teammates can help you overcome any obstacles.



  • Use WASD to control the character
  • Click to aim and shoot
  • R key to reload, reload
  • Key E to enter vehicle
  • Key 1,2,3,4 to change weapon
    M or Tab key to enlarge the map screen


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