Crazy Tunnel 3D

Crazy Tunnel 3D

Roll through Crazy Tunnel 3D's maze-like space. Roll, roll, and roll to dodge the obstacles! You will find the sun, stars, and giant planets in this space labyrinth. You will have to conquer many stages.

You must find your way through a series of tunnels using angles, slopes, and mirrors to shoot balls. Avoid traps and other obstacles. You will be able to increase your reaction speed and dexterity. Focus hard to keep the ball in your hands and avoid any unexpected obstacles. Have fun!


  • Vivid 3D graphics.
  • Players will enjoy a greater sense of accomplishment and enjoyment when they are faced with difficult mazes.
  • There are endless levels of intuitive skills.


  • Avoid all obstacles.
  • Tap Left and Right to move sideways, rotate, and dodge.
  • Press and hold to fly, then release to land.


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