Google Feud

Google Feud

In the online game Google Feud, you must respond to the question, "How do I persuade Google to autocomplete my search?". Pick a category, read the inquiry, and make an effort to determine which search terms Google uses the most. Each question has 10 responses, and they are all given as exercises. Make the most of the participant's three guesses!

You have to put yourself in the other players' shoes to play this game. Can you deduce what people are looking for? When you try to figure out what people are looking for, the answers to these questions will undoubtedly surprise, delight, and delight you. Anyone who correctly guesses will receive a payment between $1,000 and $9,000 in return. If you get it wrong three times, you won't receive any points.


  • There are numerous categories offered.
  • various amusing and peculiar responses.
  • Although enjoyable to play, it's challenging to predict.


To play, use your mouse or just your fingertips on the screen.


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