Horizon 2

Horizon 2

For all Slope series fans, Horizon 2 is a must-see. The game, which involves a ball rolling through an endless tunnel, is filled with exhilarating special effects. The game is an upgrade from the previous iteration. It increases its intrigue and individuality.

This game is much more than just another downhill game. It challenges the limits of your brain. Before your eyes, a brand-new world is coming into existence. Create an unforgettable rush by simulating falling through a perilous tunnel.

There are many barriers! The walls prevent the spikes from working. This game is special in that the obstacles and tunnel alternately take the shape of a tornado, making your journey even more difficult.


  • 3D style.
  • The tunnel goes on forever.
  • At any time, obstacles can change.
  • The race is hurried and quick.


Play the game by using the mouse or arrows.


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