Join the multiplayer racing game LOLBeans! In order to win, you need to wipe the floor with everyone else in your way. Each stage is packed with perilous obstacles. You'll have to beat the clock to advance to the next level!

There are many obstacles on the tracks. You can either be struck with a massive hammer or have your direction shifted by a windmill. You should avoid roadblocks as much as possible if you don't want your rivals to gain ground. Each level has a time limit that must be met. Time limits may be imposed on you in order to hasten your progress through a game.

Games like Fall Beans and Fall Boys And Girls are similar options. Soak up the good times!

Tips for game

  • If you want to get farther in less time, try combining running with jumping.
  • Always try to maintain your composure.
  • Staying alive and climbing over obstacles is a time saver.


  • You can move with the WASD keys or the Arrow keys.
  • Press the Spacebar to Jump


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