Office Conflict

Office Conflict

Welcome to Office Conflict. The objective is to join an online server and fight to the death with either side. The terrorists break into the office and make off with a lot of sensitive paperwork. You've been chosen to lead the SWAT team and eliminate this threat. Be sure to keep going up the building and taking it down floor by floor before the timer runs out on each level.

Be alert for any noise and get out of your corner to kill the first enemy. Keep an eye out for surprise attacks and carefully roam the room. Pay attention to the entrance and stairs; enemies may appear unexpectedly and attack you. After inspecting the floor, you can move up and down to assist your teammates and clear other areas. If your weapons are full and sharp, you can win a 5-minute match with your team. You can also play Subway FPS if you enjoy gunfighting games.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Left Shift key to run
  • C key to crouch
  • Use mouse to shoot


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