Snowball Destroyer

Snowball Destroyer

Try your hand at Snowball Destroyer this holiday season. You can pretend to be Santa Claus by pelting a snowy city with snowballs. The ball should be thrown as hard and as far as possible. Your abilities allow you to spin, enlarge, and navigate around obstacles.

The right button allows you to launch the boot ball further. You'll get more distance points that way. Keep moving around so that you can absorb as much snow as possible. As you move, the colors shift, in contrast to colored objects, gray ones tend to break easily. If your snowball is hit by one of these gray objects, it will most likely be destroyed. Have fun!


  • Exciting new 3D game.
  • Lovely holiday-themed artwork.
  • With this ability, your snowball will be unstoppable.
  • Using your snowball-making skills, you can create a massive snowball that can easily knock down trees and destroy buildings.


Your left mouse button serves as the control for the snowball.


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