What a Leg

What a Leg

What a Leg is a fun and entertaining game in which the athletes in this race will have no legs, and it is your job to draw them. A pair of perfect legs is a pair that can surmount obstacles and gather coins. So, how do you draw it? You must draw long or short legs at each level.

The game contains 2 game modes: 1 player and 2 players. In two-player mode, you can compete against another athlete. Single player mode is available for practise and relaxation. This is an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your drawing talent. Not every step will lead to triumph. You can try again if you don't pass this round. Have you already begun playing? In addition, you can also play more Girl Surfer 3D.


1 Player Mode

  • Use mouse to draw legs.

2 Player Mode

  • Player 1: WASD
  • Player 2: Arrow Keys


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