Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

What is special about Tanuki Sunset? The vibrant pink beach is right next to the road, where you can skate. The game's soundtrack and rhythm can be played at any time to keep you captivated. Use your skateboard to coast downhill while avoiding hazards and picking up points. When your points meter is full, you'll be able to spin the roulette wheel and earn more points. You can increase your score by doing jumps and stunts. Travel to Sunset Island with Tanuki the bear. This game will immerse you. Play it now!

Similar games

There are plenty of other skateboarding games out there besides Tanuki Sunset, such as Snow Rider 3D and The Smurfs Skate Rush. Experiment with a day of play.


  • Do slides, drifts, and twists with finesse and ease.
  • The floating tape mode allows you to alter the game's sound and visuals dramatically.
  • Chill out to some enticing beats while taking in the picturesque beach scenery.
  • Illustrations that are both retro and bursting with color.
  • The panda is intelligent and easy to control.


  • To move, use A/D (left/right arrow).
  • To enter the speed stance, use the W or up arrow.
  • To do a 180-degree slide, use the arrows to either go up or down.
  • Drift with the Space Bar.
  • To pause, press Esc.


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